At Rees Element Executive Search we recognise that every candidate needs to find the right position for them. We will meet with you to understand your skills and experience and source positions and companies where we believe you will find it challenging but achieve success.

We specialise in:

* Senior executive and Board level
* Marketing, sales, PR and communications
* Accountancy and finance
* Secretarial and admin.


If you are a candidate seeking progression in your career, we are here to help. We will match your qualities and career aspirations to the company that offers the best opportunities for your development and progression.


Your CV is a vital component of your success – to be short-listed for interview by us, and in the final selection by our clients. It is important that you consider your skills and experience carefully before applying for the roles that we advertise. If you do not have the required skills or have inadequate experience, your application will not proceed (save for exceptional instances where other factors such as the overall quality of your CV is of interest to us).

Candidates should always follow the following formatting guidelines:

Look and Feel

It is vital that the basic layout of your CV is an enjoyable and easy read. We request that you create your CV using MS Word. We also recommend that your use normal MS Word formatting techniques.

We recommend that your CV includes the following headings:

Personal Profile

Your Personal Profile should include your key skills and your personality should shine through.

Significant Achievements

Describe your significant achievements.

Where relevant, they should be tangible and be relative. For example winning a £1 million contract could be insignificant if you work for a £1 billion company, but an outstanding achievement if you work for a £2 million company and it increases in size by 33%!

Work History

Latest role first, work history should begin with the company name and dates employed [bold]

Then your job title [bold]

Then additional information about the company and your role [be brief]

- Your role and achievements [bullet format]

Education and Qualifications

Education and Qualifications should follow a similar format to your work history – Education Establishment name and dates attended [bold], latest first

Qualifications and grades obtained [bullet format]

IT Skills

IT Skills are important in almost all roles so describe them [bullet format]


Interests are also important because cultural fit is a significant element of the way companies select candidates.

Finally, candidates should note that, unlike other firms, we rarely re-format your CV because the way you create your CV not only describes your skills and experiences, but provides an insight to the way your mind works, your language and grammar skills and your personality.

Good luck and we will help you whenever we can!

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