The demand for effective marketing, sales and communications staff continues to rise and in an increasingly digital world, we are seeing constant demand and competition for talented individuals. The Rees Element marketing, sales, communications and PR team has over ten years’ experience, specialising in the continually evolving commercial, finance and industrial sectors.

We search not only using the most accurate, constantly updated database, but also by getting involved in conversations with top sales people that are achieving exceptional results and when comes the time for a change we are there to secure their next job.

We recruit for a range of sales, marketing and communications disciplines:

  • Sales and marketing director
  • Sales manger
  • Marketing manager
  • Strategy professional
  • Key account manager
  • Account manager
  • Branch manager
  • Field sales executive
  • Tele-sales
  • Customer service
  • Sales administration and support
  • Supply chain
  • Product development
  • Applications manager
  • Marketing designer
  • PR Manager